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MyPal podcast: Social media and palliative care – Episode 15

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In this episode I discuss social media and palliative medicine. I focus on my recent blog that was published on the EAPC website about my study about the use of Twitter to evaluate communication about palliative care on social media.

‘Social media and palliative medicine: a retrospective 2-year analysis of global Twitter data to evaluate the use of technology to communicate about issues at the end of life’ by Nwosu AC, Debattista M, Rooney C, et al published in BMJ supportive & palliative care2015;5(2):207-12.

EAPC Blog – Social media and palliative medicine: An opportunity for community and professional engagement…al-engagement/

EAPC Blog: With great power comes great responsibility: Using Facebook to explain palliative care – Dr Leeroy William…lliative-care/

Palliative Medicine Teaching – Facebook and Twitter

E-Hospice: Discussion of palliative care on Twitter is largely positive, and increasing – Dr A Nwosu…ArticleId/12212/

E-Hospice: Harnessing social media to enhance hospice care…ArticleId/11617/

E-Hospice: Social media and palliative care…ArticleId/10009/

Symplur and the Heathcare Hashtag project – Dr Mark Taubert…pcare_blog_sidetab

Palliative social media – Mark Taubert et al…943e-bce5b3763321

Why don’t end-of-life conversations go viral? A review of videos on YouTube. Imogen Mitchell et al…be1a-bcbfa3a40024

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