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MyPal podcast: Five apps that help my clinical-academic life – Episode 14

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In this episode of MyPal I talk about five apps/web applications I use that help my daily life as a clinical academic.

The apps are:

1) Evernote / Google Keep / Onenote / Todoist

2) Google Drive / Dropbox / Onedrive

3) Feedly / Flipboard


5) Twitter

Other apps to mention:
If this then that (now know as IF or IFTTT)

Social media and palliative medicine: a retrospective 2-year analysis of global twitter data to evaluate the use of technology to communicate about issues at the end of life. Nwosu et al, BMJ Spcare.

Copyright Dr Amara Nwosu, KingAmi Media 2015.

Music by ‘Year of the Fiery Horse’ (YOTFH). Soundcloud link: @year-of-the-fiery-horse


One thought on “MyPal podcast: Five apps that help my clinical-academic life – Episode 14

  1. Finally got around to listening to this episode and appreciate the nod to Pallimed ( and myself as someone to follow on Twitter (@ctsinclair).

    I use a lot of the same apps as you. Feedly, Twitter and Google Drive are in constant use on my computers and mobile. I have made some use of IFTTT, but feel I could explore it’s application a bit more.

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