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MyPal podcast: Technology in the delivery of healthcare: patient power in medicine – Episode 16

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In this episode of MyPal Dr Amara Nwosu provides an overview of the health secretary’s recent speech to the Health Service Journal which outlined the potential role of technology in healthcare.

There is the potential to use technology to help patients self management their conditions and facilitate more personalised proactive management of there health.

However 4 potential pitfalls were highlighted.

1. The issue of Bureaucracy, where technology is used as a means to a end where the systems detract from patient care.

2. A lack of accountability, where shared computer systems bewteen different healthcare providers remove accountability from anyone taking overall responsibility for care.

3. The problem of cost. Investment in expensive systems that cost too much and cannot be maintained long term.

4. Data security issues. The concern that the NHS can keep data safe.

Despite the potential barriers technology can be used to improve patient outcomes but should not be an end itself; it must aim to improve patient care. This is a good starting point to evaluate the role technology has in healthcare.


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Copyright Dr Amara Nwosu, KingAmi Media 2015.

Music by Bensound


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