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Introduction to the 4D Picture project podcast

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Welcome to the first podcast of the 4D Picture Project. This is the first episode of this podcast series, which will provide information, about the 4D Picture project. The 4D Picture project is an international research study which aims to help cancer patients, their families and healthcare providers to better understand the care options that are available for them.

This episode features: Professor Judith Rietjens (Professor of Design for Public Health at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering – Delft University of Technology (TU Delft); Associate Professor Department of Public Health – Erasmus Medical Center). Professor Anne Stiggelbout (Professor Medical Decision Making, the role of patient preferences at Leiden University). Dr Ida Korfage (Associate professor at Erasmus Medical Center).

The 4D PICTURE project aims to help cancer patients, their families, and healthcare providers better understand their options. It supports their treatment and care choices, at each stage of disease, by drawing on large amounts of evidence from different types of European data. The project involves experts from many different specialist areas who are based in nine European countries. The overall aim is to improve the cancer patient journey and ensure personal preferences are respected.

The podcast is available on Spotify and Anchor can be accessed by the following link

Information about the 4D Picture Project is available here:

Information about the Metromapping process is available here:


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